LIfestyle/Fresh 48/Births

"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him.  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one's youth.  Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them." 
-Psalm 127: 3-5

SNuggles, Kisses, and Love

Babies are miracles.  It's true.  Capturing them in any capacity is a HUGE blessing!  Maybe it's because I have three miracles of my own, or maybe it's because I just love sweet baby feet, either way babies make my heart whole. 

Safety is my number one concern during your lifestyle, fresh 48, or birthing session.  Littles are super fragile so I keep that in mind throughout the whole session.  I don't do typical posed studio images but rather focus on you guys as a family just loving and snuggling with each other.  

Don't stress about outfits!  Seriously, don't.  I have put together a prep guide for you that can easily guide you through the whole process of how to choose your outfits.  PLUS, I love to help with this!  

Let's create some memories together! 

Warm hugs,

Session collections start at $450

My love for babies is simple.  Every single one of them is different, and seeing God's little creations is amazing.  I love seeing their tiny feet, squinty eyes, and button noses.  Their sleepy smiles, tired yawns, and little ears.

I love the feeling of looking at a photograph and the memory being revived in my mind.  This is what I want to bring to my clients!!  

Each baby is special and I love getting to be a part of it!  

What my families are saying

Thomas family

"The photo session and the photos turned out amazing.  The photo session was so much fun and we felt incredibly relaxed the whole shoot!  You were encouraging, helped us with poses, and also were open to our ideas as well! 



What my families are saying

Moran family

Bri did an amazing job on our newborn session.  We absolutely loved that we got to do them in our home.  She was very patient especially when my baby wanted to nurse then when he had a blowout.  Haha.  I will forever cherish the photos she captured of our little family with baby boy.



frequently asked questions

What time of day do you take pictures?

I have no idea what to wear.  Can you help?!?

do you charge an extra fee for Mileage?

Lifestyle sessions are a little different from regular portrait sessions.  They take a little more time, and baby needs to be happy and fed.  I like to do these sessions in the morning because the lighting is a little more crisp and bright.  Births obviously depend on when you go into labor, but email me for more information on births.

Absolutely!  I provide each client with a prep guide that has wonderful recommendations for you.  I also love to help so send me pictures and I can help you pick out the PERFECT look! 

Any location that is more than 60 miles from Dallas will have a mileage fee added to their total session cost.  This covers the cost of gas.

Let's talk life and all things baby!  I wanna hear all about your pregnancy and vision for your session.

Please fill out the contact form to the right, and I will get back with you as soon as possible. Filling out all details of the form helps me to better prepare for our chat. I cannot WAIT to meet you!