Photography is just as much about meeting new people and being a part of their lives as it is about art.  For me, photography is about capturing the priceless memories of awesome people and preserving them for years to come.  It's about providing a product that my clients are in love with, and it's about making my clients feel as comfortable as possible.

I'M HERE TO HELP YOU Capture your timeless and beautiful memories

WHy photography?

I'M Briana!  Momma, wife, friend, believer, and photographer

hey, you!

I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer based out of Corsicana, TX.  I am a stay at home momma to my three amazing kiddos (Reagan, Sadie, and Wade), and a Children's Minister Assistant at my church.  My husband is my best friend and high school sweetheart.  

My family is my greatest motivation in life.  They are my driving force.  God blessed me and called me to be a mother, and that is where my motivation comes from.  I love my babies!

My love for my family has helped me develop a love for photographing other peoples' families and love.  Being a part of another person's life for a little bit is such a huge blessing.  

*God is always my number one
*My family
*Lazy Saturdays 
*Coffee/Hot chocolate/Tea
*Fuzzy Socks
*Surrounding myself with like-minded people
*Spending time with my little ones

a few of My favorites:


my babies


I love my three little ones so very much!  My little princesses have brought me so much joy in my life.  Reagan is my oldest and she is spunky and independent.  Sadie is my middle daughter.  She is fierce and so incredible smart.  Wade is my youngest and he will be making his debut in April 2018.


My better half


This man is my best friend and love.  I met him at a swim party when I was fifteen and have been in love with hime ever since.  We got married three weeks after I graduated high school in June 2011, had our first daughter in October 2013, had our second daughter in November 2015, and plan on having our first son in April 2018.  He has been my biggest supporter and encourager through it all.  He is my mentor when it comes to my faith and he is such a strong Godly man for our family.  I love this man forever and always.