engagements and weddings

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord."
-Proverbs 18:22

Love, laughter, and unity

Love.  Oh man, where do I even begin?!?  God created the first woman so that man wouldn't be alone.  From the beginning He created us to love one another and to seek each other.  Getting  to capture the love between my couples that God created?  Well, it's easily one of the happiest things for me.  

Each one of my couples has a special place in my heart.  Our session are filled with genuine love, lots of laughter, warm embraces, the occasional stolen kiss, and memories that you will never forget.  My weddings are absolutely no different!  We laugh, we cry, we hug, and we we remain friends forever!

Let's create some memories together! 

Warm hugs,

wedding collections start at $3000

My love for weddings comes from the fact that I get to pour so much of Christ's love into my couples.  I've been married for 8 years and getting to share my experiences with my brides and grooms is so rewarding.  Getting to give my couples such a special gift from their big day is one of the best things imaginable.  

I love feeling of looking at a photograph and the memory being revived in my mind.  This is what I want to bring to my clients!!  

Each couple is special and I love getting to celebrate with them!!  

What my couples are saying

Lenora and Ty

"You were available on such short notice without a problem, you got there early, we almost went over our time and you were there to help and support with anything from the time you were there until the time you left."



What my families are saying

Raven and Chance

"Briana was amazing throughout the whole process.  When we first met, she asked questions that I wouldn't have even thought mattered, but really did.  Her work is awesome!!  She is perfect and so much fun to work with..  Loved having her as my photographer!!"



What my couples are saying

Hannah and Noah

"Briana is one of the sweetest people we've ever met, so great to work with.  Just from our engagement pictures I know she is going to exceed my expectations for my bridals and our wedding!  I am so happy we chose to go with Briana.  I can truly say she will not let you down!"



frequently asked questions

What time of day do you take pictures?

I have no idea what to wear.  Can you help?!?

do you charge an extra fee for mileage?

I try to time my pictures to start about 2 hours before sunset.  The lighting is perfect during this time.  If you can't make a session work in the evening due to bedtimes or for whatever reason, I can also do a session during sunrise.

Absolutely!  I provide each client with a prep guide that has wonderful recommendations for you.  I also love to help so send me pictures and I can help you pick out the PERFECT look! 

If your venue is further than 100 miles from Corsicana then I will charge a mileage fee to cover gas.  If you are interested in a destination wedding, email me and we can talk about my destination packages! 

Let's talk all about your wedding! I wanna hear about your flowers, groom, life, and everything in between.

Please fill out the contact form to the right, and I will get back with you as soon as possible. Filling out all details of the form helps me to better prepare for our chat. I cannot WAIT to meet you!